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Exploring with Found Materials
"To a young child, the world is full of materials to touch, discover, and explore. To find, collect, sort, and use materials is to embark on a special kind of adventure. For adults, gathering materials means rediscovering the richness and beauty in natural, unexpected, and recyclable objects that are all around us, but not often noticed." (Weisman Topal & Gandini, 1999)
We strive to nurture a spirit of creation and exploration in our children. This requires the use of innovative and exciting materials, many of which can be found in your homes. Please consider donating some of these items to our program. Many thanks!
1. buttons
2. fabric scraps
3. water/juice bottle caps
4. metal frozen juice lids
5. detergent/dish soap caps
6. old frames
7. wood scraps
8. feathers
9. pompoms
10. metal odds and ends (e.g., discarded keys)
11. hardware (e.g., nuts, bolts, washers, screws)
12. plastic tubing
13. paper tubes
14. ribbon scraps
15. fronts of used greeting cards
16. cardboard packaging
17. large appliance boxes
18. broken costume jewelry
19. wine bottle corks
20. beads
21. elastics
22. egg cartons
23. plastic hangers
24. interesting stones
25. yarn
26. felt
27. sponge
28. seeds
29. straws
30. cotton balls
31. Q-tips
32. clothespins
33. shells
34. packing peanuts
35. bubble wrap
36. small, plastic containers
37. plastic scoops
38. plastic/metal spoons and forks
39. wallpaper scraps
40. puzzle pieces
41. popsicle sticks
42. marker caps
43. plastic berry baskets
44. large aluminum cans
45. glass baby food jars

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