Thursday, May 10, 2018

Printable Pentominoes

In our kindergarten classroom children enjoy spending time working with math manipulatives 
that encourage playful explorations with shape in a variety of ways. One of our favourite tools are 
versatile pentominoes.

Pentominoes are polygons made of five, equal-sized squares connected edge-to-edge. There are twelve 
different pentominoes in one set. You can purchase pentominoes from educational resource stores, or 
print paper copies on card stock and laminate for children’s use here:

There are many reasons why pentominoes are an essential math tool for any early childhood classroom. 

1. are gamelike in nature and promote a positive attitude towards math
2. encourage cooperation and collaboration among children 
3. Promote math thinking in a variety of areas including spatial reasoning (logic when solving
 puzzles, symmetry, reflection, rotation, design), measurement (considering the area and perimeter 
of designs), and number sense (counting the number of tiles or squares in a design, calculating the 
total number of squares using the anchor of 5)
 We have used pentominoes in many classroom activities. To see what we've done and follow our math journey, follow us on twitter @McLennan1977. Share your favourite pentomino activities in the comment section below!

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