Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Environmentally Friendly Puzzles

We put out puzzles today made from the fronts of cut up cardboard food boxes.

The children enjoyed the challenge of putting together puzzles without a picture or guide to help them with the finished puzzle. 

If you have any interesting food box tops to donate for this center please send them in for us to explore!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mighty Oaks

A big thank you to Mrs. Tullio for thinking of us and collecting some beautiful oak leaves and acorns for our science center. The children enjoyed exploring them with magnifying glasses and tweezers. 

Families we are always interested in receiving objects from nature and your backyard! Thank you!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin Goop

The children have been interested in pumpkins since our trip to the store. We opened one up today and encouraged the children to use special tools to explore it. 

How much fun was that?  Goopy stuff is so much fun to explore! On Monday we are going to cook the pumpkin seeds and do a taste test!

Subitizing Numbers

Subitizing numbers is when children can recognize a quantity without counting. Tools like ten frames, dominoes, and dice  help build this skill. An example of this is when a child can look at the face of a die and know five dots represents the number 5 without counting. 

We put out a 'domino parking lot' game for the children to use in order to practice identifying the quantity of dominoes. Children were encouraged to identify dominoes and place them on the mat according to number. These were all placed on the same number on the mat. 

In our activity our parking lot cards had the choice of either numerals or words in order to meet children's needs and challenge those ready to learn number words. 

Some children realized that numbers can be composed of all different dot combinations!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rice Sensory Play

Nothing better on a sunny day than outdoor rice sensory play!

Apple Playdough

Want to entice children to sculpt with play dough - a great fine motor strengthener? Add dried apple tea to your regular recipe for a wonderfully rich scent. 

Making Vegetable Soup

Inspired by our trip to the store the children wanted to make some vegetable soup in our water table. 

Using real life tools like ladles, wooden spoons, pots, and whisks empowers children and helps build imaginative play. At this center the children were using specialized language to describe their work and procedural language to indicate the order of their recipe (e.g., first we need to add the onions, next we have to stir them). 

Many children were also interested in connecting this experience to our writing center and wrote their own recipes. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Outside Fun!

Leaf Manipulatives

The children are drawn to our light table. It's amazing to witness their interest and excitement when something 'magical' is placed on it. This week we included some beautiful fall leaf manipulatives for the children to explore.

The children naturally sorted the objects. When I asked them their sorting rule, they explained that they first sorted the leaves by colour, and then by shape. Curious, I asked them to expand on this. "We sorted the leaves by what kind of tree they came from," one child responded. "We sorted them as either Maple or Oak."

The children then spent some time creating their own unique patterns with the leaves. What a great way to infuse some math into our science and light table experiences, especially with the interest the children have in nature and the changing of the seasons right now!

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