Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We were so lucky to have a special parent volunteer with us today! Mrs. Montcalm spent time with the children in our kitchen cooking two kinds of squash. The children were very excited to be making something to eat! They first explored the differences in the outsides of the squash...

...and then scooped out the seeds.

The squash guts were so much fun to squish!

We used child friendly choppers to help remove the peel of the butternut squash...

 ...and also to chop it into little pieces.

We also chopped some apple to add to give it a sweet flavour.

When the spaghetti squash was cooked the children each had a chance to help scoop it out.

We were so proud of the children! Many tried the different kinds and some even asked for a second helping!

We love having parents and other family members in our classroom! If you have a special talent that you are willing to share with us, please consider spending time volunteering in our room!

Mirror Writing

We always love to have engaging literacy activities available for the children to explore. Motivating them to draw and write is fun when we use exciting materials like mirrors and dry erase markers. The markers wipe off so easily and the reflection and unique surface (and experience) of writing on a mirror is very interesting for young learners.

It was interesting to see what the children drew. Many noticed their reflection and drew that. Others practised printing their name.

We noticed counting happening too as the children drew their own five and ten frames!

Others drew interesting designs! Whatever it was that was drawn, the conversation around the table was lively as many children squeezed in to share the fun tools!

Monday, September 19, 2016

What's Inside?

Last week the children were very interested in seeing what they had each brought for snack. There were some great conversations happening at the snack centre about what the food looked like, smelled like, and tasted like.
Today I brought in some different kinds of squash. I wanted to extend the children's interests and thought this would be an engaging way to do so.
First we passed the different squash around the carpet. The children were encouraged to use many senses to explore; what did the squash feel like (exploring textures), how heavy was it (exploring measurement), how did it look (noting similarities and differences). This was also a good activity to reinforce turn taking.

During playtime the children were invited to explore the inside of the squash. This lead to many interesting math discussions - equality (2 halves of a squash are the same as 1 whole), estimation and counting (how many seeds are inside), measurement (which squash is biggest? which has the biggest seeds?) and shape (some squash are round and some are not). The children also practiced their fine motor skills as they used the tweezers to pick the seeds out. This took a lot of patience and perseverance because the seeds were slippery and stuck in the squash guts!


Families we are hoping to cook some squash for the children to taste. If you have any you are able to donate to our room, we would appreciate it! Also, if you are interested in volunteering to help with this activity, please let us know! Thank you!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pastel Self-Portraits

A favourite activity of ours to do each September is encourage the children to draw self-portraits. We have been discussing how each child is our class is special and unique and a wonderful part of our community of learners. We have also been reading books about how we are similar and different as individuals. Emphasizing our names and learning about one another's interests and abilities has been a great way to grow our relationships and gel our class. 

Mirrors, a variety of pastels, and drawing papers were available for the children to explore and use. Hand held mirrors could be used for close up observation and the large mirrors on stands reflected light and provided a hands-free way for the children to observe as they drew.

The results were beautiful and are on display in our quiet corner. We are hoping to encourage the children to revisit this activity in a few weeks in order to see their growth and development in observation and drawing interests and abilities and compare self-portraits (from old to new)!

Each one unique, each one beautiful!

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