Thursday, December 30, 2010

Encouraging Creative Play at Home

The January issue of Today's Parent has an interesting article on how families can encourage creative play at home. You can find it here!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cereal Stringing

During the last week of school we placed containers of round cereal and pipe cleaners on the table. We invited children to string the cereal onto the pipe cleaners and make cereal bracelets. The cereal was especially fun as it was red and green - many children were inspired to make Christmas patterns. In addition to being appealing because the cereal could be eaten as the children worked, this activity helped strengthen fine motor control and hand-eye coordination.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


(Over the holidays I will be posting pictures taken over the last few months so that we can continue to share the amazing ideas of our children!)

Last week a group of boys set up an intricate dinoscape at the science center. They used various items stored on the shelves and established their own little dino world!  After spending much time on the set-up, they spent the rest of their play time engaged in imaginative play involving the dinos and their many adventures.

Holiday Left Overs


As you celebrate together over the holiday break, please consider saving and sending in the following items for use in our classroom centers:

-the fronts of used greeting cards
-plastic meat/veggie/cheese trays (no nut containers please)
-wine bottle corks
-bits and pieces of ribbon, fabric, tinsel, etc.
-wrapping paper rolls
-salvageable wrapping paper

And anything else that you think might intrigue our children and can be used in our literacy, numeracy, science, and art centers. We are always appreciative of your support of our program!

Thank you!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Puppet Show!

We were treated to a puppet show today! This show discussed sharing and how to be a good friend. Thank you to Mrs. Wood and Mr. Gagnier for organizing and presenting this great experience for our children!

We ended the show with a holiday sing-along!

Paint Mixing Bags

We placed out a number of large plastic bags with various colour combinations of paint sealed within.  The children were invited to mix the paint together without opening the bags. They twisted, rolled, squished, and smoothed the bags until the colours mixed into beautiful new colours!  As the individual colours mixed, wonderful shades were created and layered together within the bag. It was interesting to hear the children discussing the new colours and naming them as they noticed each new one.

Cookie Decorating

Thanks to one of our children who generously brought in cookies and decorations, we were able to open a cookie decorating center this afternoon.  Needless to say it was one of our most popular areas to visit!  Many children were very excited to participate in this activity.

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