Thursday, March 31, 2011

Researching Amazing Animals

Some of our boys had noticed an amazing animal book in the library the other day. They were intrigued by a picture in the book of a snake with 2 heads. Hoping to capitalize on this interest we placed a number of animal books at a table today and waited to see what would happen.

Some children decided to check the books out!

After doing some reading they drew pictures of animals that they noticed and liked from the books.

Shaving Cream Prints

We explored print making with a new medium today - shaving cream! (Thanks Mrs. Bombardier for the great idea!) After mixing shaving cream with white glue, we invited children to drop coloured water onto the shaving cream and see what new colours were created.

Once the children were happy with the colours, they pressed a piece of paper on top of the shaving cream.

Once the paper was lifted a beautiful print was left on the paper.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hopscotch with our Gr. 2 Buddies

We braved the chilly spring weather today to play a game of hopscotch with our Grade 2 buddies. In addition to learning how to play the game, working together helped our children practice taking turns, recognizing and counting the numbers to 10, and engaging in conversation with another child. Even though it was cold, many children enjoyed spending time playing outdoors.

Some Ontario Curriculum this activity fulfilled includes:

1.2 demonstrate the ability to take turns in activities and discussions (e.g., engage in play activities with others, listen to peers and adults)

2.4 begin to demonstrate self-control (e.g., be aware of and label their own emotions, accept help to calm down, calm themselves down after being upset) and adapt behaviour to different contexts within the school environment (e.g., follow routines and rules in the classroom, gym, library, playground)

2.5 interact cooperatively with others in classroom events and activities (e.g., offer and accept help in group situations, engage in small- and large-group games and activities, participate in democratic decision making)

NS1.6 demonstrate understanding of the counting concepts of stable order (i.e., the concept that the counting sequence is always the same – 1 is followed by 2, 2 by 3, and so on) 

NS1.9 use, read, and represent whole numbers to 10 in a variety of meaningful contexts 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fixer Uppers

A group of children have taken an interest lately in figuring out problems that need to be fixed in our classroom - particularly objects that need to be fixed with tools. They have great imaginations as many things were wrong with our water table and bookshelf - we hadn't noticed! We are hoping to continue to explore this child-initiated interest by introducing some library books about fixing things and seeing where the ideas lead.

Forcing Forsythia Branches Indoors

We brought some forsythia cuttings into the classroom today and invited the children to predict how many days it will take for the blooms to open. We also asked the children to predict what colour the blooms would be - pink was the most popular guess.

Ice Cream Shop

We are working on creating a new dramatic arts center with the children. As always, they were invited to share ideas for what they wanted to set the center up as, and then a class vote was held. They had some amazing ideas including a super hero headquarters, pet shop, sports shop, ice cream shop, and toy store. The majority of the children voted to create an ice cream shop.

After we determined the center, the children helped me to write a list of some of the materials we might need for the center.  I began the list and then delegated the activity to some children who volunteered to continue with the writing.

We used paints to create a sign for the center. The children decided to officially name the shop as the "Ice Cream Shop".

We figured out how to use paper to make ice cream and cones. We'll use these materials to start and switch to play dough ice cream and real cones once the center is established.

If you have any items that you might be willing to lend or donate to our classroom for this center, we'd be most appreciative. We are looking for ice cream scoops, empty ice cream containers, and aprons. Our families have proven to have excellent imaginations and if you think of anything else we could use, please send it in! Please ensure you clearly label any materials that you'd like returned home.  Thank you so much for your continued interest in and support for our program. We couldn't do it without you!
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