Friday, September 16, 2011

Look Who Came to School Today!

One of our children brought a few interesting creatures to school today. We placed the live grasshopper in our terrarium and the dried dragonfly and worm on the light box.

The children were fascinated by how the grasshopper was able to hang onto the top of the terrarium's lid without falling off.

The dragonfly and worm were illuminated by the light box, which made them very easy to see. We could even see inside the worm's body!

Some of the children drew pictures of what they observed.

We used science tools like magnifying glasses to help us out!

Mrs. Bombardier:  "How can the grasshopper hold onto the top of the container?"

Child: "When I turned the light [box] on, I saw the sticky part on the legs. That's where he grapples it [the container]."

Mrs. Bombardier: "What is a grapple?"

Child: "That's what holds stuff."

What a beautiful creature! The children noticed the details on the dragonfly's wings!

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