Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Creating with Cardboard

Mrs. Bombardier invited the children to explore an assortment of recycled cardboard at the art table. It was so interesting to see how they worked with the material and what they created.

Many children created parking garages and car ports for use at our building center.

There was lots of great math talk as the children explored how to make the structures stable and how to ensure that the supports were of equal lengths so the structures were level.

Working with the thick cardboard proved to be a challenging fine motor task for the children too! Great for strengthening hand strength!

It was wonderful to see the children helping each other out and co-creating structures together!

At the end of play time we encouraged the children who created at the art table to share their recycled structures with the rest of the class. What a great way to encourage creativity, cooperation, and recycling! Why don't you try this at home with your children over the holidays?

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