Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feeding the Birds

Mrs. Bombardier read a great story with the children at circle time that told of a family who wanted to have a winter party for the outdoor animals using their Christmas tree.

The children had a discussion about why it was kind to feed the animals during cold winter months and decided to make some bird food together.

We used dry cereal...

Whole cranberries...

Stale bread and small cookie cutters...

The children used plastic craft needles and yarn to string the food together. Some children created patterns with the food!

This activity was also great for fine motor control and hand-eye practice.

The children also made pinecone feeders by coating a pinecone in shortening and then rolling it in birdseed.

We have encouraged the children to hang their bird food in a tree that is close to a window in their house so they can watch the visitors that come. If you are able to take any pictures of the birds that visit, it would be greatly appreciated! We'd love to discuss these with the class and create a display!  Thank you!

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