Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Name and Letter Recognition

We have been working on practising name recognition/writing and upper and lower case letter recognition around here. Because the light table is such a hit, I thought we'd combine these into some fun activities.

First I wrote Caleb's name on some acetate we had around the house. I used a black permanent marker. 

Caleb was eager to 'spell' his name using some special stones. As he worked we discussed the name of the letters and how they were shaped. He was excited to see how beautiful the name became as he completed each letter.

I also used a permanent marker with some clear, decorative stones to create alphabet stones for the light table. We put them on the table in a big group and played 'I spy' together ("I spy the letter 'L'").

We then found the letters in Caleb's name and wrote that together.

He was also eager to spell his sister's name.

We then sorted and grouped the letters, discussing which were upper case and which were lower case.

Any of these activities would be great for children who are in need of additional support for name recognition/printing and letter recognition. Using the light table is very enticing to many - specifically those children engaging in RTI activities during small groups or playtime! 

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