Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine Bath

We've had valentine fever around here so I thought I'd create a fun bath experience for the kids that encouraged creativity. These activities would also be a lot of fun in a large water table.

We used large and small foam hearts, bath time crayons (made out of soap), and valentine's paint (shaving cream coloured with red food colouring and sprinkled with sparkles and mini foil cut outs).

I added lots of bubbles and coloured the water in the tub red with a bit of food colouring. The foam hearts floated on the top of the water and looked so pretty!

The wet foam pieces stuck to the sides of the tub and wall and the kids were able to create pictures and also paint on top of them. The paint also acted as a glue and could also be used to stick pieces together.

The paint was so pretty and lots of fun to use. It was great with brushes or as a finger paint!

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