Sunday, May 26, 2013

Outdoor Weaving

It was another beautiful day around here! I wanted to add more outdoor art areas to our backyard so I created a 'weaving area' underneath the kids' climber. I attached a short piece of chicken wire between the two support posts using zip ties.

We used the ribbon from our indoor art area. The kids were really amazed when I brought the ribbon outside - they were surprised that it could be used outdoors too!

I encouraged them to think about what pieces they'd like to use - considering the colours, sizes, and textures of the ribbons when creating their communal art.

Cutting the ribbon and weaving it through the wire were excellent fine motor activities, especially for my three year old son! Because this was a communal piece of art much problem solving and cooperation were needed in order for the kids to be successful.

The result? A beautiful piece of art that can stay outside and be added to every once in a while when the kids feel like weaving! Maybe the birds will borrow some ribbon for their nests!

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