Thursday, January 30, 2014

QR Technology

We have been experimenting with a new technology in our classroom. Many of you might be familiar with QR codes - these black and white geometric patterns can be found in many stores and on many products and when scanned by a smart device will give the reader information. 

We have used an app to link online resources (songs, stories) to the codes so the children can access literacy materials in a meaningful way while using technology in the classroom. 

The codes are available in our listening centre so children can self-select a song or story. 

The children select an app on the school iPads in order to read the codes. 

They then can browse through a collection we have placed in the reading area. 

The children use the iPad cameras to scan the code...

...and are able to enjoy their song or story during playtime!

We will continue to build our QR library as we read more digital books together!

Many thanks to our colleagues at Gordon McGregor for introducing us to this exciting technology!

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