Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Story of our Painted Lady Butterflies

At the end of the month of May we received our Painted Lady Caterpillars. The children were so excited and engrossed in the experience of raising these caterpillars. At this time we were also experimenting with using iMovie as a method of sharing our documentation in a digital format. We think it's important to expose children to a variety of technologies and implement them in ways that are meaningful and enhance our inquiries.

In this video you will see the story of our butterfly experience, told with words from the children themselves. We created a class book describing our experience which will be housed in our science centre for future reference by children when they want to reflect upon this experience or use the information to support another inquiry. The book was created by the children - they wrote the words and drew the illustrations. A QR code will be attached so they can scan and find this video online if needed. For the purposes of this iMovie we digitalized the photos and separated them by inserting other relevant artifacts of learning (e.g., photos, videos, art samples) in order to tell the complete story of our experience.

It is our intent that this iMovie will help others see the amazing experience the children had raising the caterpillars to butterflies, and the joy they felt when finally seeing that journey to completion and releasing the butterflies into the world. We hope you enjoy the movie as much as we did making it!

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