Friday, November 28, 2014

Race to 100

We continued with our fun math games today in an effort to help children subitize and calculate simple addition by using dice. We placed a hundreds chart, a basket of dice, and some game pieces on a table for the children to use.

Each child got a game piece. Everyone started at the number 1 and took turns rolling dice in order to move their player forward. The children were challenged based on how many dice they used; it was easier to roll 1 dice as you only needed to recognize the dots representing the numbers 1 - 6. To make the game more challenging we used more dice for some children - as many as 5 - and the children had to calculate how many spaces to move by adding the dice together or counting all the dots.

This simple game had children identifying the numbers from 1 to 100, adding more than two digits together, identifying the faces of a die, recognizing patterns in the hundreds chart, and thinking about probability terms (e.g., "If I roll more than 1 die I have a greater chance of getting to 100 faster than you"). We are always amazed by the abilities and enthusiasm of our children!

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