Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Vet Dramatic Play

The children love animals - we notice them playing with animal toys during playtime, reading animal books in the library, and pretending to be animals outside. We used this interest in living things as a spark to inspire our newest dramatic arts centre - a veterinarian's office!

We did some initial planning with the children and created an idea web to help us think about what we might need. 

Families were encouraged to help us by discussing the new centre with children and donating materials to help support the play. 

The children were eager to share what they had brought to school during our morning circle. 

After circle our centre opened and many children were eager to play.

Captivated by some robotic fish swimming in their bowl...

Putting the snake to bed...

Washing a muddy animal...

Leashing  the animals before they go to their appointment...

Applying bandages...

Arriving at the vet for an appointment. 

Recording observations during the appointment. 

Bandaging up a wound. 

Giving the pets a bath. 

Taking our pets for a walk after the appointment. 

Looking forward to the new learning at this centre that tomorrow will bring! 

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  1. Oh they all like like they are having so much fun!


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