Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September's Oral Language Activities

"Reading and writing float on a sea of talk."

Help your child's oral language develop by using the following prompts for discussion. Aim for one or two a day!

Tell how to make a ham and cheese sandwich. Use the words “first”, “next” and “finally”.

Name 3 things you take to school.

September has 3 syllables. Clap them out. (Sep-tem-ber)

Tell three things about an ‘apple’.

Name 3 things a ‘backpack’ is used for.

What would you do if you were a teacher?

What is another word for “paste”?

Start with a ‘bike’. What’s faster than that?

Play “I’m going to the apple orchard and I will see…”

Say these words, /gym/, /jacket/, /jump/. What first sounds do you hear?

Listen to a story. What happened in the beginning, middle and end?

How are a /pencil/ and a /crayon/ the same? Different?

How many red foods can you think of?

Repeat in order: teachers, friends, principal, gym, cat.  Which doesn’t belong?

What kind of food do you pack in your lunch?

What is it? Clues: white, sticky, squeeze me from a bottle, use me for crafts.

Describe your favourite thing in the classroom.

Name 3 words that begin with “d”, “l”, and “m”.

Think of rhyming words for the words “bag”, “play”. “shoe”

What is another word for “giggle”.

Find 5 things at school that begin with /p/.

It rhymes with ‘ball’.  It starts with /h/.

Think about a playground. Name 3 things you could see there.

How many sounds are in the words “pen”, “shoe”, “class”? (answers 3,2,4)

Explain the meaning of “delicious”.  Name 3 “delicious” things. What is another word for “delicious”?

What is your favourite cartoon/TV show.  Tell someone about it.

Name 3 things that are hot. Name 1 thing that is cold.

What is the opposite of: “sad”, “up”, “off”, “soft”?

What do you use an eraser for?

How are a “car” and a “bus” the same? How are they different?

Clap out the syllables in “crayon”, “library”, “snack”, and “paper”.

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