Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We made a really interesting concoction with our children today called gak. Gak is an oozy substance that acts like both a liquid and solid. It's got a neat texture and our children played with it all day. (Click here for the recipe so that you can try this at home!) Manipulating it is great for improving fine motor control and strength, which will lead to better writing skills later on. We loved listening to our children discuss the gak as they tried to discover exactly what it was and how they could use it.

Helping to make it! When we follow recipes like the one for gak, the children are engaged in math (counting, measuring).

Comparing the lengths of how long we could stretch our pieces!

Practising scissor skills by cutting it!

More measuring! Just how skinny could we make the gak?

We also experimented with how thin we could stretch the gak.

How long until this piece oozed off the table?

Some children spelled their names with it!

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