Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We are so excited to announce that we have tadpoles in our classroom! A big thanks to Mrs. Shepley for helping us to set up our tadpole habitat! The children were amazed by how fast the little tadpoles swim through the water. It was fun to watch them nibbling on the lettuce we placed in the habitat for them to eat. We are looking forward to watching them grow legs and turn into little frogs.

We marked the date we welcomed the tadpoles into the classroom so we could see how long it took for them to turn into frogs. When they do, we'll look back and count the number of days the lifecycle took to  complete.

Many children spent much of their playtime at the science table watching the little tadpoles swim and eat lettuce.

We placed some scientific props at the center to help encourage the children's exploration and play. The children were especially drawn to the little plastic frogs and the books about frogs. This child set up the frogs to comfort the tadpoles, in case they were scared by their new surroundings.

We learned from one of our nonfiction books about tadpoles that they are just a head with a tail. One of the children wondered if that meant that a tadpole's stomach was next to its brain. We're looking forward to finding out the answer!

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