Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Art in Unconventional Places

We have a forsythia bush in our backyard and I thought it would be interesting to cut some branches to force open indoors. Cadence was interested in painting a still life of them. 

We recycled an old shoe box lid as the canvas because the frame around the perimeter of the painting area really gives the artwork a feeling of importance. The art is instantly framed!

The painting turned out lovely and I appreciated the various blends of brown and green she used to represent what she interpreted when examining the branches in the vase.

Because I want to validate and appreciate my children's artwork, I like to use it as decor in our home - not just as postings for the fridge - helping them feel as though they are contributing to the 'culture' of our family life. I want them to see themselves represented in a way that honours their work. The shoe box lid was a perfect frame because it also helped the painting stand up without needing any additional support or adhesive, which allowed it to adorn the window ledge just above my sink. Now when I look out my window while doing dishes I'm inspired to think lovely green thoughts of spring instead of staring at bare tree branches!

How do you display your children's artwork at home and school?

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