Sunday, March 10, 2013

Documenting Spring Digitally

It was a beautiful spring day around here today and I was eager for the children to explore the changes happening in our yard. After taking a walk around and looking for 'signs of spring' I encouraged them to use the ipad to document what they saw. They noticed many interesting things like...

...a blooming crocus

...not wearing coats

...growing plants

I was recently introduced to an app called My Story, that allows children to create their own digital books. They can draw their own illustrations, use pictures from their photo library, type text, and record audio. We imported the photos that were taken outside into a digital book that the kids named "Spring". I helped them type the words and they recorded the audio.

It was a great way to infuse literacy into our experience exploring the arrival of spring-like weather! I see great implications for this app in the classroom! Children can become authors and illustrators and share their own books. Documentation from an experience (e.g., field trip) or inquiry can be created and shared using this very easy app!

Check out our finished spring book here!

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