Monday, April 29, 2013

Outdoor Chalkboard

In our continued quest to engage the children in exciting activities outside, my husband made an 'outdoor chalk board' for them using a piece of pressured treated plywood painted with black matte outdoor latex paint. After three coats of paint it was good to go!

The kids were so, so excited to have such a large space for drawing and writing. They used a 24 pack of large sidewalk chalk on the board. 

Their enthusiasm was contagious as they drew pictures and wrote words.


As they worked they discussed what they were doing, leading to some rich oral language opportunities.

Clean up was simple! A quick spray of the hose cleaned our board right off. A spray bottle with water and a rag would do the job as well. (Wouldn't this be a great outdoor piece at recess time in the school yard?) I can't wait to see what they create tomorrow!

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