Friday, April 12, 2013

Sand Play Dough and Shells

I hope wherever you are there has been sunshine and warmth. Unfortunately Southern Ontario still looks a lot like winter. While dreaming of the summer I decided to create some sand play dough for a little beachy fun with the kids. We just added a cup of play sand to our normal play dough recipe. 

I presented the activity to the children using a wooden sorting tray filled with interesting shells.

Using only play dough rollers, the dough and the shells, the children were invited to explore and create whatever they liked. 

At first they were interested in the patterns the shells made when pressed into the dough. After exploring the materials for a while they began imagining a bit deeper about the meanings behind their creations.

"Here's our family Momma! Here's you, Daddy, me..." Caleb points to each shell and names us off one by one!

"I made little holes in the sand where the moles are hiding!" Cadence laughs as she recalls the story I told her earlier about the creatures who are eating the seeds under our bird feeder outside.

"Just a pretty design Momma. I like the little shells going around and around."

"Like the teeth of a monster!" Monsters have been a bit hit in our house recently for some reason!

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