Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Little Acorns Grow into Mighty Oaks

Your support for our children and the Downtown Mission continues! Thank you! Thank you! We again had a large number of food items arrive to school today with the children.
We've been using math strategies from throughout our work this year to help us calculate how many items arrive at school each day. The children know they can count each item one by one, but that also takes a very long time when you are working with big numbers.
Today the children wanted to organize the items in groups of 13. They knew that 13 wasn't a 'friendly' number like 5, 10 or even 20 and would be an excellent challenge for us!
Many of our students mentally calculated the items and our grand total for today was 64! We added this information to our ongoing tally.

It was exciting to bring the food items down to the front of the school...

...and add these to our already huge collection of donations!

We were also touched to learn that Mr. Roger Chauvin at the Windsor Essex County Canoe Club was working with his members to raise money for The Mission. We wrote an email to him sharing what we were doing in our classroom. Our children were amazed at the number of people in our community that wanted to help. Mr. Chauvin wrote an email right back to us. 

What a wonderful message of support to show our children that their work is touching people in positive ways and changing their community for the better. We wrote back to Mr. Chauvin. 

Our children are growing into those mighty oaks of which Mr. Chauvin spoke so eloquently. We are so privileged to be a witness to this. 

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