Thursday, June 4, 2015

Number Cards, Dice and Gems

What can you do with number cards (1-30), gems and dice? Just ask a group of children for the most creative games!

Keep rolling the dice and adding the corresponding number of gems until you fill up the card. 

Fill the chart up with gems, roll the die and take away the gem from the corresponding number on the card until the card is empty. 

Roll the dice one at a time and place it on the matching number until the card is filled with dice. 

You need two players for this game. Each player chooses the colour of dice and gem. Each person rolls. Each player covers up the corresponding number on the chart that they rolled. If the number is already covered and is rolled again that person loses a turn. The player with the most gems on the card wins. 

Roll two dice and add the sum of the numbers. Cover the sum on the card with a gem. 

One player is red and the other is black. Roll one die together at the same time. The person rolling the highest number wins that roll and matches the die on the card. Person with the most dice on the card wins. 

We can make number patterns. 

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