Sunday, September 13, 2015

Virtual Tour

Welcome to our classroom! Returning to school is always so much fun after a great summer! We especially love enriching our learning space with some of our favourite Autumn decor!


Displayed around our room you will find Autumn treasures and some of our well loved books! Many are about starting school and being in kindergarten! We look forward to reading them over the next few weeks with our children!

Our dramatic arts centre was very popular with the visiting JKs who came in for interviews this past week. Complete with authentic cooking tools, children will be able to role-play imaginative scenarios in a comfortable and familiar 'home' environment!

The cozy nook has been turned into our reading area! We hope that the children will help us fill the empty bulletin boards with beautiful and authentic works of art!

Our writing area is stocked with paper, markers, pencils, crayons and any other tool that might be needed to create meaningful drawing and writing. Our class mailbox sits patiently, waiting for the children to write letters to one another!

The science area has many treasures to explore; we are hoping the children and their families will send in interesting 'found' objects from their yards and neighbourhoods as the seasons change. We especially love rocks, sticks, nests, insects...

The art centre is Mrs. McLennan's favourite centre! We have carefully displayed many diverse tools and materials for the children to begin exploring. This week we will read Peter Reynold's book "The Dot" and encourage children to be like the main character, Vashti, and 'make their mark' in some amazing way!

Stay tuned for more pictures of the classroom as our first few weeks unfold!

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