Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Exploring Chemical Reactions

The children have been very interested in dropping coloured water and making their own mixtures and potions. Today we offered white vinegar coloured with food colouring and trays of baking soda. The children used the droppers to drop vinegar onto the baking soda. 

They were surprised to notice an immediate chemical reaction as the two substances interacted. They observed the changes with their eyes, smelled the reaction with their noses, and heard the bubbling and fizzing with their ears. We discussed how scientists can make observations in many different ways and by using all their senses. 

As more colour was dropped the baking soda bubbled and fizzed together mixing the colours into interesting swirls and shades. 

Any activity using droppers also strengthens fine motor control and perseverance as the droppers take practice to manipulate. 

We look forward to trying this again with the primary colours!

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