Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mindfulness through Music

Our children love music. It's calming and inspiring and something they ask for on a regular basis. We love any song by Charlotte Diamond and asked the children to close their eyes and get comfortable in a relaxed position while listening to the whimsical, magical song 'Spider's Web'. 

Many were very eager to share the ideas that emerged for them while listening to the music. Our conversation evolved to include our collective ideas about mindfulness and many connections were made to the books we've read.

Today we played the music again and invited the children to draw what the music made them see and feel. They showed such focus and interest in this and it was fascinating to discuss the art that emerged from their state of relaxation. 

Music is powerful. We have discussed with the children how we can use it to help soothe and relax our bodies and minds and use it to ready ourselves for learning. 

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