Saturday, February 6, 2016

Math Catapults

Mini catapults made from a wooden clothespin, wooden block and elastic are so much fun! They take practise and perseverance to learn to manipulate and can easily be used as tools in games. 

We used the catapults with a grid today to encourage number writing and adding. 

The children used the catapults to fire a foam circle at the scoreboard, record their points, and then add them together to see who had the most. 

The children were highly motivated to try and get their foam circle to land on high numbers; they knew the person with the most points won the game. 

Later on in the day the children wanted a more challenging game board. They wanted some areas to be worth zero points and one special spot to be worth a lot. The largest number we could brainstorm was ten million! 

What a fun game! We are going to try using an alphabet grid next. 

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