Thursday, February 4, 2016

Primary Colour Ice Equations

Today's colour exploration integrated curriculum and ideas from many different areas - math, literacy, science and art. After looking through colour books we invited the children to explore colour mixing with primary coloured ice cubes. 

Children were invited to do some planning before experimenting by using the colour paddles to see which colours were needed to make new ones. 

Once they had an idea, they wrote a colour equation. They recorded how many of each colour of ice cube they were mixing together in their cup. 

Next they added the correct number of cubes to their cups. 

We placed the cups on the light table. The children predicted the heat from the light would help the ice melt. 

We noticed as the ice began to melt the colours pooled at the bottom. 

Some friends thought putting the cups in the sunny window would help melt them faster than the light table. 

We were amazed at the beautiful shades that we created and how different combinations of colours produced different shades. 

Tomorrow we will use the pretty water in an art activity. Stay tuned!

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