Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Honouring Children's Questions

We often spend sunny days exploring our beautiful yard. There is a rock garden on the side of the school that the children love. The rocks are challenging to walk through as you need to balance and climb on parts of the path, and there is interesting landscaping that is awaking from its slumber now that the days are turning warm.

In one of the bushes we noticed a peculiar object - it reminded the children of our Painted Lady cocoons we observed last year.

 During circle we invited the children to guess what the object might be. They had some excellent connections to past experiences that were shared to support their opinions. We created an idea web to organize our thoughts.

One of the children suggested we tweet our followers the picture to see if any other class or teacher knew what this object was...


...and immediately 10 of our followers shared their opinion that it was a preying mantis egg sac! We researched this to confirm and then explored how to keep the sac safe in our room for further exploration. We gently removed a branch from the bush with one sac and placed it in an aquarium for observation. Stay tuned!

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