Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Virtual Classroom Tour

We have been so excited by our recent classroom changes. Here is a virtual photo tour for those of you who haven't visited in a while. 

Our art area has many interesting materials for the children to use. We believe that there is beauty in the materials so the way we present our art artifacts also helps to decorate the centre. Children's work is on display in frames and documentation of recent experiences is presented in annotated photo collages and learning stories on a clipboard, accessible to both classroom visitors and the children.

Our snack centre is a free flow, open space where children can visit during a playblock when they are hungry and would like to socialize over a snack. There is always a survey or writing component on the easel for children to read and respond to, and needed materials (napkins, spoons, etc.) are housed on a shelf nearby to encourage independence and responsibility.

Our science area has accessible tools (magnifying glasses, tweezers, etc.) and artifacts (shells, feathers, etc.) nearby for the children to explore. We love our light table and use it regularly and try and incorporate our current inquiry (in this photo the planting along the window) into the centre. We weave literacy and numeracy into all centres and there is much student writing on display.

Literacy has a wealth of spaces and materials to support our children's emergent reading, writing and oral language interests and abilities. The co-created alphabet was made from paper mache and our children use math/sorting skills when keeping the writing materials neat and organized. A bin of journals is available anytime a child wants to do some drawing and writing.

There are cozy corners in the room to sit and chat with a friend, read a book, draw in a journal, or play with a quiet bin.

Our math area has open-ended tools available for both focused table top activities and also integration into other experiences (e.g., measuring tapes to see how tall our plants have grown at science). Because we have focused so deeply on math we have woven much documentation of student work as well as the pedagogical and philosophical frameworks behind our activities into the display. The documentation offered at every centre is available for both children's and visitor's use.

Our drama centre changes based on children's interest and is currently set up as a mini house. The children help us co-construct the environment by gathering materials from our room and creating what we don't have.

Our cubby area celebrates each child with a recent framed photo and a self-portrait painted by each child.


  1. Your room looks so inviting. I would love for my child to experience kindergarten in that room. I would also love to visit the cozy area. Maybe it's how you took the photos, but the room looks very large. How long did it take you to get it the way you wanted?

    Janneika Japp

  2. Thank you Janneika! The room is an average size so it must be the way we took the photos. I've been teaching early years for many years now and never feel as though the room is exactly the way I want; it's more a work in progress. My DECE teaching partner and I are now in our third year working together and I'd say we are probably at our best performance together right now.

  3. Your room looks very cozy and inviting. Any child would be lucky to have your team and this classroom as their teachers.

    1. Thanks Jo! We've been so inspired by the children and have been working hard to honour their vision for our learning centres in beautiful ways!

  4. Found you on Twitter...and now so thankful to find your blog...Wow!


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