Monday, April 4, 2011

Awesome Airplanes

Two of our boys were very interested in making airplanes during playtime. They designed these awesome airplanes themselves!

As they pretended to fly the 2D airplanes around the room, we wondered if anyone knew how to make 3D paper airplanes. No one did, so we recruited some boys in the classroom next door to help out. They showed us just how to do it!

Wanting to capitalize on the children's interest in airplanes, we checked out some books from the library that showed different planes and ways to make your own airplanes using simple materials. The children were fascinated by the books!

We gathered the materials from our shelves and around the room and the children got to work making their own unique airplanes.

Many referred to the guide books for specific instructions.

We loved seeing the teamwork approach and lively discussions children were having as they tested their airplanes and modified them based on how they flew. Many children realized that if the plane was too light, it wouldn't travel far or straight.

Children tested their airplanes by flying them in the straight path through the classroom.

Some finished products...

Once the children had created airplanes that flew well, they wanted to challenge themselves by flying the airplanes through an obstacle course. Mr. Cipkar helped us to construct one.

The goal was to fly the plane straight through the hoop.

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