Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our New Light Box

We've noticed that many innovative schools use light boxes to help children explore materials. Light boxes are just that - a box with a light inside and an opaque top so that the light shines through in a subtle manner. Thanks to Mr. Mills we were able to purchase a light box for our classroom!

The children are intrigued with the light box and used coloured stones and clear plastic 2D shapes with it. It was interesting to see them explore and experiment with the various materials - they looked for materials that were aesthetically pleasing as well as those materials that were translucent or transparent and let the light shine through.

The children explored colour mixing by placing the shades of coloured plastic on top of one another.

They also built various things out of 2D shapes, fulfilling many of our math curriculum expectations.

As they worked, they told stories about their creations - here is a happy lady and a man with big arm muscles!

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