Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Slimy Snails!

Mrs. Cipkar brought us a snail she found on her walk today! We were so excited!

After safely putting the snail in our terrarium, we found some helpful books from the library. We researched our snail and found out many interesting things! Our snail was a garden snail, it eats leaves, it is slimy, it creeps along on a long body part called a 'foot' and can hide its body in its shell. Garden snails like to stay wet, but do not live in water.

We wrote out some of these neat snail facts to post near our new snail-arium!

Once we knew what out snail liked, we went on a hunt in the yard (where Mrs. Cipkar found it) to find things to add to the snail-arium to make our snail happy and comfortable.

We added these things from the school yard to the snail-arium and many children spent much time this afternoon admiring our new friend!

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