Friday, November 11, 2011

Preserving Autumn in our Classroom

The children enjoyed the last days of warm weather and went for another nature walk around the school yard and neighbourhood this week. We invited them to collect the most beautiful and unique leaves they could find, using their critical eyes. They gathered quite the collection!

Mrs. Bombardier helped the children to first press the leaves and then preserve them in between two pieces of clear contact paper. Once the leaves were protected, two holes were punched at their tops and the children were invited to string the leaves for display in the classroom. It was great hand-eye and fine motor practice!

The children decided to string the leaves in a pattern of small, big, small, big, small, big...  It was a great math connection to showcase their prior learning about patterning. The leaves are currently on display in our science area. They are a great natural way to decorate the room with a reminder of the children's autumn activities. We are hoping to press spring flowers once they bloom and hang them near the leaves.

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