Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tape Painting

Mrs. Bombardier put out a wonderfully layered painting activity for the children to explore. Children were invited to first cover a piece of painting paper with painter's tape (so it could be easily removed from the paper without ripping it). 

Once the children were happy with their tape designs, they painted on top of the paint using a variety of colours.

When finished painting, the children carefully lifted the tape from their painting, revealing an amazing design below!

Some children chose to repeat the process and put more tape on top of the painting, paint again, and remove the tape to reveal more designs. Others were happy with their original finished product.

The artwork lead to much rich discussion about the process of the art making and describing what the pieces reminded them of. The children had some interesting ideas. What do you see when you appreciate the art work?

One of our favourite blogs had a great post about how to talk to young children about art work that you might find interesting!

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