Sunday, November 13, 2011

Salad Spinner Painting

We thought it would be fun to engage the children in a way of painting using movement - especially considering how interested they have been in helping to make things move in our classroom (e.g., marble runs, water runs, ramps and balls). 

Children were encouraged to drop paint onto a piece of paper that was in the bottom of a salad spinner. We decided to use up the left over paint from the easel since we were cleaning it for the weekend.

Children could choose whatever colour and amount of paint they wanted.

Once the paint was selected, the top was placed tightly on the spinner and the child was encouraged to spin it as fast as he or she could!

Once finished, the lid was lifted and voila! Instant spin artwork! Beautiful!

The children were intrigued with how different each child's art was, even when the same colours of paint were used. They were impressed that the paint moved and swirled together, even when no brush was used.

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