Friday, December 7, 2012

Candy Cane Paint

We had a great time today painting with candy cane paint - a mixture that will appeal to multiple senses!  All you need is shaving cream, mint/peppermint extract, and red food colouring. 

Squirt some shaving cream into a bowl...

...add a few drops of the extract and food colouring...

...and swirl together lightly to achieve a candy cane striped appearance. Do not over mix the ingredients or the candy cane effect will be lost.

This paint is so irresistible - it looks wonderful, smells delicious, and is so soft and squishy to touch! We enjoyed painting with it on the easel. Because it's easy to clean up, it's great when painted by brushes or as a fingerpaint.

I plan on making another batch for when we do painting in the tub again!

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