Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Displaying Ribbon

In Reggio Emilia inspired spaces the art materials are considered to be aesthetic additions to the learning environment and arranged so that they are appealing to use. The environment exists as the 'third teacher', inspiring children in their endeavours. 

We have spools of ribbon thrown into a bin in our art area and I find that the children are not usually eager to use it, either because they forget where it is or it's a mess when they finally dig it out.  

I found these beautiful paper towel holders at our local dollar store and thought they'd be great for displaying our ribbon. They are slender enough to hold most spools and their upright position allows them to sit on top of a working area or shelf when not in use.

Doesn't this look beautiful? The ribbon looks much more appealing organized like this!

By stacking the colours in a spectrum they are aesthetically pleasing and functional. I have another two holders and am planning on creating one for neutral browns and the other for black and white shades of ribbon!

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