Sunday, December 30, 2012

Scent-sational Colour Spray!

We made a super easy colour spray to use in the tub and outside on the snow using kool-aid and water. In addition to being very vibrant in colour, it smells delicious

We used clear spray bottles and an assortment of kool-aid.

We poured two packages of the same colour of kool-aid into the bottle using a funnel.

We added water and shook very carefully.

These spray bottles are so easy for little hands to use and a very fun way to add a little creativity into the bath tub. I would recommend spot testing them before use to make sure they don't stain your tub.

We made a lot of bubbles in the tub and used the spray bottles to colour them.

As the colours combined they created a beautiful tie dye effect!

This activity would also be fun to do in a large water table in the classroom!

We had left over water from the bath so the next day we used it to colour some fresh snow that had fallen overnight.

What a fun way to strengthen children's fine motor muscles and encourage creativity! The wonderful smell of the solution kept my children motivated for a long time!

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