Monday, May 26, 2014

Beautiful Stuff!

Today was the day! The children were so excited to empty our "Beautiful Stuff" bags onto the carpet during circle time and see what amazing materials came to school!

We couldn't believe the diverse art, science, and recycled objects that the children brought in.

During playtime we invited interested children to remain on the carpet and help us decide how to sort and organize the hundreds of objects.

The children remain interested in time lapse photography as a result of the YouTube videos we have been watching during our inquiries. We have been exploring an app called 'Lapse It" and thought it would be fun to record our own time lapse sorting adventure. This video uses over 900 still shots taken over 40 minutes!


 After we sorted the objects the children helped us name each group to establish the sorting rule used - some objects were sorted by materials while others were sorted by use. What an interesting collection! The objects have now been added to various centres around our classroom and the children are already planning how to explore and create with them!

A BIG thank you to our wonderful families for your support and encouragement of our children and program!

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