Saturday, May 24, 2014

QR Codes and Documentation

We have been experimenting with QR codes in our classroom, especially to help children access familiar songs and stories online. We also like to use the app Pic Collage to compile photos and other information about children as one of our documentation strategies. This week we tried combining the two - we have included a QR code on the Pic Collage so that when families receive a copy of this documentation they can scan the code and access additional information about the experience (e.g., a link to a blog entry, a YouTube video of children in action, a sound clip of a child discussing their work or experiences housed online). We are hoping that this helps families access additional information regarding their children and our program, and encourages our students to use technology like QR codes in innovative ways at home.

In addition to sending home a copy of our Pic Collage documentation, we like to keep a copy in subject specific binders around the classroom for the children to peruse during playtime. Now that QR codes are embedded in the collages, our children will also be able to access the additional information when using our class iPads! Here's a sample of the documentation:

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