Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mapping our School

We have been attempting to integrate more technology in our classroom. An interest sparked by the children was the perfect opportunity today for using the ipads to enhance an activity.

We have a very unique school. As an Eco-certified building we have many features of our school that are interesting and educational (solar panels, mini wind turbine, rain water reclamation capabilities). Our children have been asking many questions lately so we invited them to think about the interesting features of our school and how they are organized. They decided collectively to draw a map to represent their ideas about our school.  

It didn't take long for the children to realize that this was a bigger job than anticipated. They forgot certain parts of the school on their map. After a few trips back and forth from the classroom to the hall they came to the conclusion that they needed a more permanent way of recording their observations. We suggested they use the iPads to take pictures of the school. 

The children have become quite proficient at using this technology. They are comfortable holding the ipad and using it in a safe manner and have much background information from which to draw when manipulating the touch screen and camera function.

Satisfied with their selection of photos, the children returned to the classroom where they used them to help draw a detailed and fairly to scale first draft map of the school. 

After reviewing their map and walking the halls with it in comparison to their surroundings, the children noticed some missing features. They decided to work on a second draft of the map. 

We ran out of time today and the children are planning on working on this again tomorrow. 

Stay tuned!

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