Thursday, December 17, 2015

Authentic, Meaningful Writing

Our elf Eric has been keeping the children enthralled with his many shenanigans this week. They thought it was just hilarious when he spent the day dancing with our wooden statue in the art area! Many children began to wonder about Eric. Was he really a boy? What did he like about our classroom? Had he ever been a kindergarten student?

We have been spending time writing holiday greetings to our friends and family members and mailing them using Canada Post.

We also have a classroom mailbox system where the children can write holiday greetings to one another. Still wondering about how to communicate with Eric, a few children had an idea spark and suggested that perhaps Eric would like his own mailbox!

The children spent time in our holiday writing area writing letters and drawing pictures for Eric. They mailed these to him by placing them in his mailbox.

The children were thrilled to come to school today and see that Eric wrote back to them. The only problem - the letter was so small we needed to use a magnifying glass in order to read it!

More authentic writing is happening today as the children are busy writing and drawing again to Eric, hoping he leaves us another letter tomorrow!

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