Friday, December 11, 2015

Mini Holiday Present Math

The children are very interested in presents and anything sparkly, so we decided to invite them to explore some mini holiday presents today.

In addition to the mini presents and number cards, we encouraged the children to practice writing numbers and craft addition sentences using laminated ten frames and dry erase markers.
The children counted out the presents, matched the corresponding number card, and then used the dry erase marker to practice writing the number.

Many were interested in showing their growing number sense and math abilities by writing addition sentences to match their ten frames.

We noticed lots of patterning happening too!

Some children drew their own presents!

At circle I placed the presents in a pile in the middle of the carpet and invited the children to estimate how many they thought were in the collection. They had very reasonable guesses, with many children's estimates falling in between 50 and 80.

I asked the children how we could quickly and efficiently count the presents. They suggested placing them in groups. At first groups of 3 was suggested but we decided this wasn't a friendly enough number (because then we'd have to count by threes, which can be challenging) so we decided to group the presents in fives.

We had a total of 50 presents!

We wanted to double check our work so the idea of placing the presents in order using a hundreds grid was suggested. Our final count was 50!

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