Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kindergartens Building Community

As many of you are aware, I love to engage in scholarly activities like writing and publishing about early childhood education issues. I find professional writing helps me engage in active reflection about my practice and I find it very motivating to share what we do and learn in our FDK classroom with others. I'm pleased to share a link to my latest article regarding a rich inquiry our class experienced in May 2015. Donating food to the Downtown Mission last Christmas (2014) was a very big activity in our classroom. Our children were very worried when we shared a newspaper article in May stating the Mission was running low on food. The children were called to action and inspired to find ways to solve this problem. Working together to communicate beyond our classroom and encourage the community to help, we were able to gather over 5000 items for the Mission in a little over a week! I wrote about this experience and the article will appear in ETFO's Voice Magazine in the Winter issue. Here is a link to the online version of the article:
For those of you interested in learning more, here is a digital documentation iMovie created to share the many artifacts from our inquiry:

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