Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pastel Self-Portraits

A favourite activity of ours to do each September is encourage the children to draw self-portraits. We have been discussing how each child is our class is special and unique and a wonderful part of our community of learners. We have also been reading books about how we are similar and different as individuals. Emphasizing our names and learning about one another's interests and abilities has been a great way to grow our relationships and gel our class. 

Mirrors, a variety of pastels, and drawing papers were available for the children to explore and use. Hand held mirrors could be used for close up observation and the large mirrors on stands reflected light and provided a hands-free way for the children to observe as they drew.

The results were beautiful and are on display in our quiet corner. We are hoping to encourage the children to revisit this activity in a few weeks in order to see their growth and development in observation and drawing interests and abilities and compare self-portraits (from old to new)!

Each one unique, each one beautiful!

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