Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Families, I am so pleased to be sending home information today in your child's note tote about how to begin accessing their digital portfolio. I am using an app this year called Seesaw that can be easily added to your smart device, or accessed online through an internet browser. Your child will be bringing home specific instructions on how to access his or her portfolio. In the portfolio you will see that I have begun adding photos, videos, drawing samples, audio files, and even links to blog entries where your child has been featured. It's my hope that this collection of documentation can help keep you informed as to your child's growth and progress in our classroom. In the past I've shared printed photos with you - Seesaw helps to make documentation sharing much easier, instantaneous, and eco-friendly. As a result I will be using Seesaw for the majority of my assessment collection. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns as you learn to navigate this app.

Some Seesaw Tips: 
  1. Check Seesaw regularly. You'll get notifications about new entries in your child's journal and can respond to their work. Customize your notification preferences in Account Settings.
  2. Celebrate your child's classroom success. Help to encourage the skills your child is working on in class outside of school.
  3. Specific comments are best. Asking questions, or complementing specific details can add to the learning conversation.
  4. In a group or 'everyone' post your comment is visible to everyone tagged - the students and their parents. This is a great opportunity to lift up the whole class!

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