Thursday, September 23, 2010

Block Play

Block play can be an exciting, inspiring, and greatly satisfying experience for children. We have a variety of blocks in our room including large and small wooden blocks, plastic building blocks of various sizes, and foam blocks. Block play uses a child's imagination while strengthening fine and gross motor muscles. When children build together they use oral language to communicate their ideas (e.g., positional language, directions) and cooperation.

We have been busy building in our classroom!

You can extend the benefits of block play at home. By observing and assisting your child during play, you can help your child get more learning and enjoyment from playing with blocks. Here are some suggestions:

1.  Try to create a space for block play in your house where your child can spread out the materials and create freely.

2.  Follow your child's lead during play. Try to think of yourself as an assistant to your child - allowing him or her to create the drama and direct the play.

3.  Encourage your child to describe the constructions he or she is making. If your child seems interested, this is a good way for him or her to verbalize what is happening and elaborate on what is being created.

4.  Help your child to find ways to solve problems within the building process.

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