Friday, September 24, 2010

Number Rhymes

These little jingles may help your child learn how to properly write the numbers from 1 to 9. Have children recite the jingle and trace the numbers in the air with their fingers, write the numbers with their fingers onto their palms, and practice printing in fun, tactile materials like shaving cream in the tub or finger paint!

Number Rhymes

1-    A straight line one is lots of fun.
2-    Around and back on the railroad track is two- two- two.
3-    Around the tree, around the tree, this is the way we make a three.
4-    Down and across and down once more, this is the way we make a four.
5-    A long neck, a little round tummy, put on his hat and five looks funny!
6-    Down with a loop, six makes a hoop.
7-    Across the sky and down from heaven, this is the way we make a seven.
8-    Make an S and do not wait; climb back up to make an eight.
9-    A loop and a line; makes number nine.

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